ItaliaRail Announces New Availability for Summer Train Travel


The highly anticipated schedules and fares for summer train travel are now available for high-speed trains, with savings up to 75% off regular prices.

Somerville, MA (PRWEB) May 13, 2014—ItaliaRail, the experts on train travel to, from and around Italy, has announced summer schedules and fares for high-speed train travel throughout Italy are now available. Trenitalia, Italy’s National Railway Service, recently updated and released their timetables and pricing. Trenitalia offers the most extensive high-speed train network throughout Italy, allowing travelers access to more destinations than ever. ItaliaRail offers North American customers direct and easy access to these trains, with fares quoted and tickets purchasable, in advance, in U.S. Dollars.

With the release of the updated schedules, travelers can take advantage of low cost Super Economy tickets for summer train travel. These fares can save customers up to 75% off the regular price for travel between popular destinations like Rome and Florence, if they book early, as there is a limited number of seats on each train for these low priced tickets.

Sample Summer Super Economy high speed fares* include:

  • Rome to Florence - $28 
  • Venice to Florence - $28 
  • Rome to Venice - $57 
  • Milan to Venice - $14 
  • Rome to Naples - $28

More and more travelers are choosing trains over cars to get around Italy citing comfort, less- stress, affordability and access to beautiful scenery, as their main reasons. “Trains are the best way to get around Italy and from Italy to other European countries. The train is relaxing, comfortable, convenient, affordable, fast and offers beautiful scenic views of the Italian countryside. We are excited to offer the updated schedules and fares so travelers can start planning their dream trip to Italy this summer - now,” said Michael Fuller, President and CEO of International Rail LLC, parent company of ItaliaRail.

For more information and to find the lowest fares, visit

Five Tips to Make Your Train Travel Through Italy Easier and More Enjoyable1

ItaliaRail offers insider information to help save you money, time, and keep you on track during your trip to Italy.

Somerville, MA (PRWEB) June 22, 2014—Summer travel is gearing up and for those who have a train trip through Italy planned this year, ItaliaRail, the experts on train travel to, from and around Italy, offers these insider tips straight from our seasoned customer service agents, to help make your trip hassle-free and relaxing.

Book Tickets in Advance: 

Save time and money by booking your tickets online, in advance, at Travelers who book in advance are privy to discounts of up to 75% on certain fares. Booking tickets in advance helps avoid long lines at Italian train stations and provides peace of mind that your itinerary is set before you go.

Give Yourself Enough Travel Time: 

Remember to allow 3 to 4 hours between the time your plane arrives in Italy and the time your first train leaves the train station. For example, if you are flying into Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and need to catch a train to Florence, from Roma Termini, allow the proper amount of time to gather luggage and take the Leonardo Express train (a 32 minute ride) to Termini. When traveling throughout Italy, try to arrive at the station at least an hour before your train’s departure time to keep things more peaceful so you can really enjoy your journey.

Train Station Strategy: 

Once at the station, check the schedule boards for your platform or bin number (where your train departs from). Also check your ItaliaRail order confirmation to see if you have e-tickets or need to print some of the tickets from your itinerary.

If travel includes regional trains, these tickets must be printed and validated prior to boarding the train. High speed trains are strict e-tickets, whereby you have to either present the printed copy of the PNR (Passenger Name Record) confirmation or be able to show the confirmation on your smartphone or iPad. If you do need to print, head to a self-serve ticket machine and enter your PNR to obtain. Remember to validate all regional tickets at the validation machines located on each platform (it’s a smallish oval or rectangular machine with the word Trenitalia on it). Don’t forget to remove your ticket from the machine after validation, you will need to show it to the conductor if asked. It’s always better to be early than late, the major train stations in Italy offer ample cafes, clothing stores and other browse-worthy amenities should you need to kill some time before boarding.

The Low-Down on Luggage: 

One of the many great features of train travel is you can hop on and off without the hassles of security checks and luggage fees. Roll-away bags of carry-on size are the best for train travel. Our customer service agents can’t stress enough the importance of feeling comfortable with the weight of your bag. On the train, keep your valuables with you in your seat. Small bags can be put in the overhead bins, while larger bags are stowed the luggage areas at the the ends of each train car. Our agents recommend taking one carry-on size bag and one larger stowed bag. Although there are no strictly enforced rules around the amount of bags you can bring onboard, passengers with excessive amounts of luggage will be asked to check it for transport on a special luggage car. Less is more, when it comes to traveling the trains of Italy with bags.


Breathe - the oxygen flowing to your brain will relax you. Look around at the architecture of the train station, notice how the Italians dress, watch them interact. This is all part of the travel experience. Beth King, Operations Manager for ItaliaRail, reminds travelers to remember, “There are always opportunities to relax and enjoy. Italy offers some of the most incredible cities in the world and seeing them by train is the way to go. Sit back, relax and let the culture and magic of this ancient country envelop you.”

ItaliaRail Explores the Largest Train Stations in Italy

Italy’s major transportation hubs are chock-full of amenities, plus they offer a free app to help travelers better navigate the stations.

Somerville, MA (PRWEB) July 15, 2014 —The larger train stations in Italy are well-equipped to handle passengers needs with an array of amenities including pharmacies, banks, fitness centers, WIFI access and more. And now a free app called Around Station offers information on places to eat, how to get to the Metro or ticket office, and how to navigate the station in general. ItaliaRail provides the scoop on the big three:

Roma Termini, Rome 

Roma Termini, the main train station in Rome, is the transportation hub of the city, the largest train station in Italy, and the second largest train station in Europe. It is here that the main Metro (subway) lines converge, trains leave and arrive from destinations within Italy and other countries in Europe, and the Leonardo Express train runs to and from the airport. With about 480,000 people buzzing through on any given day, it’s a busy place. The Termini boasts over 100 retail shops with everything from a pharmacy, to a post office, to a large bookstore (that sells books in English), and even a health club. If time permits, Bar Fondi, on Via Milazzo just a couple of blocks from the Termini, boasts some of the best espresso and cappuccino in Rome, not to mention delicious pastries and cakes.

Milano Centrale, Milan 

Italy’s second largest train station is truly a reflection of the city it services, with gorgeous high-end boutiques for the fashion-minded and high-tech amenities for business travelers. Its majestic architecture and many sculptures make it a destination in and of itself. Online reviews consistently report it is one of the most beautiful and efficient train stations in Europe. Travelers need not leave the station to find an array of shoes and apparel shops from internationally well-known brands such as Zara and Mango to Italian-made product stores like Carpisa and Geox. Milano Centrale even has an in-house chapel, for quiet reflection time. The exclusive Salmoiraghi & Viganò Italian eyewear line actually has an outlet store in the station. Head there for special deals on stylish and impeccably made glasses and sunglasses.

Torino Porta Nuova, Turin 

Italy’s third largest station sees about 70 million visitors per year and is located right in the heart of Turin’s elegant and historic city center. Amenities include over 50 retail shops, plenty of choices for food and drink, banks, pharmacies and more. The Feltrinelli Bookstore offers a huge selection of books and music with Italian authors often stopping by for readings and signings. La Locanda Del Sorriso, a restaurant just a few blocks from the station on Via Saluzzo, continuously gets rave reviews for its great service, family friendly atmosphere and outstanding Italian fare - worth a stop for lunch or dinner before departure or upon arrival.